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Democratic Reform

Everyone knows democracy in Canada is broken in a lot of ways, and everyone has their own solution for fixing it. Well, I was looking over the past posts here at PopTheStack and it seems I’ve had several solutions pop off my stack in the past year. So here they are, all listed easily in one page, my proposed and revised solutions to fixing Canada’s democracy and some commentary on similar suggestions made by others.

Are there other good proposals out there that I’ve missed, let me know and I’ll write a commentary and link it here.

The Next Battle – October 17, 2008

On voting strategically.

How the Green Party Could make a Difference – October 29, 2009

Strategic deal between Greens-NDP-Liberals version 1.0 – later revised, good discussion thread.

You thought I was crazy? Another Strategic Proposal for NDP-Libs – NOVEMBER 3, 2009

Comments on the Byer’s proposal for the NDP and the Liberals to strategically non-compete.

Senate and GG Reform : A Simple Solution – January 7, 2010

Using PR in the senate, electing the Governor General.

Andrew Coyne’s Modest Proposal – January 10, 2010

Commentary on Coyne’s satirical solution to parliament’s proroguing woes.

Liberals stand out like a raisin in a raisin muffin. – January 14, 2010

The Liberals should boldy use democratic reform  as a distinguishing issue in the next election.

What’s the Best Route to a Coalition Government – February 10, 2010

Commentary on another proposal from Univ Victoria professors for strategic coalition during the next election.

Liberals Need to Stand Out and Stand Up – March 12, 2010

Gordon Gibson outlines what he thinks the Liberals can do to differentiate themselves in the next election and fix our broken democracy. Here’s a hint, he agrees with my raisin muffin argument.

Lib-Dems Should Consider Tory Proposal, But be Wary – March 12, 2010

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