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Dust Off That Blog, It’s Election Time (Again…)

August 12, 2021

Whew, it’s been a while hasn’t it? There’s dust everywhere…how do you even get dust inside a blog? Oh well.

There’s an election in Ontario Canada on June 7, 2018 September 20, 2021 and well, I have opinions (see @rateldajer for the political part of me on Twitter).

What’s was on my mind that last Ontario election:

What’s on my mind right now:

  • This is the Liberal’s Election to Lose: The Conservatives and Greens are in disarray, the NDP are struggling to gain traction (although it’s not clear why, their leader is quite good and they have lots of potential fantastic candidates locally across the country) and the Liberals have been doing as well as one could reasonable expect handling a global pandemic.
  • The Elephant in the Greenhouse: What they haven’t really done well on is moving Canada towards a conversation we need to have about fossil fuels, not just cars, all of it, and how Canada is going to deal with the imminent collapse of the global climate balance. Their opponents will push and pull them in opposing directions on this, as they should. But will they take the bold step in the direction of action in order to gain the political benefit and accept the inevitable cost, or will they play it safe. History suggest the latter.
  • The Wildcard: Some day a new charismatic hope will arise on the left (in the NDP or Greens) or on the right (in the CPC) and could sway the discussion and the mood to disrupt this perfect storm that is supporting the Liberals. For the CPC is would require an epic personality, as controlling and strategically strong as Stephen Harper but as charistmatic as…well, at least Jean Chretien, perhaps Trudeau senior levels would be required. For the NDP, Jagmeeet Singh should be able to do, on paper, but it just doesn’t seem to be panning out. It isn’t the NDP fundamentally, eg. Jack Layton. Is it the times? Is it the colourful headrest? I know there’s another candidate reason but I just can’t remember it… Completely unrelated, a New Something Hope is possible in Avi Lewis in Vancouver. As a late Gen X’er raised on Much Music myself, having a former MM VJ as PM or Leader of the Official Opposition is very exciting concept. Erica Ehm for Ministry of Culture, Jeannie Becker for Foreign Affairs, … Rick for Industry.

anyways, work to do, those exams won’t grade themselves….although…maybe I could use… AI!

Relevant to the Discussion

I’ve written about politics and elections a lot in the past on this blog. So if you are thinking of voting remember that Every Vote is a Strategic Vote and if you’re not planning on voting then consider that Old People Vote Like Crazy, Now Will Crazy Young People Vote? and Why Canadians Don’t Vote.

Note: this post is a refreshed and all new version of one a few years ago just before the ontario election started. Let's see if I end up posting more this time than I did then. Not likely.
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