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Economicus Illogicus

October 24, 2012

Economicus Illogicus

Prime Minister,

I simply don’t understand you’re approach here. You’re an economist right?
So tell me, what is there to gain by rapidly extracting and selling resources in this way? There is no hurry in selling these resources, in an increasingly resource scarce world surely the general trend will be for resources to be worth more in the future. Why not develop industry in Canada to process these raw materials ourselves. Why not develop the technology to use these resources in a way which does not impact the environment so disastrously and which is sustainable?

In fact, why would we cede sovereignty over our beautiful land in this way to other countries and state-run corporations, that doesn’t seem very conservative at all.  Don’t you think you’ll pay for that politically at some point? Or is it that with your majority now you don’t care at all about the future of your party or your country? I can’t believe that. I have to believe you are doing this because you really think it’s best for Canada. That somehow you believe in 5 or 10 or 20 years people will suddenly no longer want to buy oil and minerals or that the prices will have dropped very low even as world demand grows and stockpiles shrink? Where is the economic logic in this for the long term. This approach only makes sense if either 

  1. You only care about the short term gain of some of your supporters, Canada be damned.
  2. You are a fool. 

You may be many things Prime Minister, but you are no fool. A fool could not have managed so delicately a long term to rise to power as you did. So, is there another answer?

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