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Liberals stand out like a raisin in a raisin muffin.

January 14, 2010

Its clear that the with the prorogation of parliament the Conservative party has wasted most of its ‘benefit of the doubt’ support that was keeping it ahead of the Liberals.  A new poll shows the two parties are neck in neck in national support.  Just as clearly, this statistical tie has not come about because the Liberals have wowed everyone with their inspiring leadership.  Most of the bled Conservative support is no doubt going to the Liberals but simultaneously past Liberal support has moved on to the NDP and Green parties.  The Green party is now approaching 12% polling support.

The Globe suggests that the Liberals have yet to capitalize on the crisis to make their fortunes really rise.  They suggest that people need to vote for the Liberals rather than just against the Conservatives.  I agree.

May I suggest that the best way to distinguish the Liberals from the Conservatives, a way that you know they can’t steal from you, a way that addresses the current crisis, would show big thinking on the part of your party and really make a difference for the future welfare of Canadians as a whole?

Its simple.

Democratic reform.

The recent letter sent out by FairVote Canada offers some suggestions to the Liberals and the opposition parties of what needs to be done.  These are good suggestions, but there are many options to improving the democratic deficit in our country.  You don’t need to commit to a particular solution right now, you need to commit to find a solution and implementing it, with the cooperation of your opposition peers.  This would distinguish the Liberals from the Conservatives in a way that Stephen Harper wouldn’t dare to emulate.  The only democratic reform the Conservatives care about is Senate reform, which is only the tip of the iceberg and does not relate to the anger now rising from Canadian citizens about his prorogation of parliament.

This is an issue the Liberal party can stand behind, one that can get them votes and can serve them well into the future.  The only explanation for why they haven’t realized that yet is pure, unadulterated hunger for absolute power and/or self-delusion.  If the Liberals truly realize they have no natural right to majority rule in Canada then they must admit that their best future interest lies in electoral reform that gives them all the votes they deserve and would allow them to usually form either majority governments or minority coalition governments with the NDP and Greens.

The prize of champion of democracy is there for the taking. Look at that Green 12%, for example.  Its  travesty that they have no seats. But how would they vote in the next election if the Liberals promised true reform? They might hold their breath long enough to give the Liberals minority control to implement real change. Then in the new era of real democracy you’d have a party with 10-15 seats to work with (and remember the Bloc has less support than the Greens so they’d have less seats than that, starts to make coalitions look a lot more doable, no?)

Can anyone think of anything else that will really distinguish tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee that Harper can’t usurp as Conservative policy? I don’t.

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  1. January 14, 2010 6:42 pm

    Only their own immediate self-interest, the notion that the Government of Canada must be lead either by the CPC or LPC prevents the Liberal Party of Canada from moving forward on meaningful democratic and electoral reform. With Canadians waking up to that fact, the LPC’s understanding of its self-interest is going to have to change, quickly.


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