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On the Burning of Bridges

April 18, 2020

So we just got another call from the Peter Mackay campaign to ask for our support. I don’t think he gets it. We just laughed and laughed. Sigh….

Explosive detonation of the Bridge over the River Kwai from the movie of the same name.

Many people who used to vote Progressive Conservative, including some in our household, will NEVER support Mr. Mackay. He betrayed that movement by merging the parties.

He betrayed the idea that there can be reasoned debate about fiscal policy while agreeing that Canada is a Social Democracy unlike America’s system which seems to be unsure if it wants to be a Mild Social Democracy or a Total Libertarian Free-for-all.

I truly believe Canada needs a progressive conservative party (note the lower case), many Canadians want a less “in their face” government and truly care about deficits. But Peter Mackay cannot be their standard barer just because he thinks it is “his turn”.

In fact, if the Conservative Party of Canada, which literally just removed “progressive” from their name and mandate, want to go back to the left then what’s the best way to signal that?

Hint: it’s NOT picking another entitled white man for leader.

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