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Liberals Turn My Dreams a Whiter Shade of Pale

May 1, 2011

I just flipped on the radio and Michael Ignatieff is talking about electoral reform. Am I in some kind of Fringe-like alternate universe where my dreams (ahem, remember The Liberal Nuclear Option?) are about to become reality?

Well, not exactly. Iggy…I believe you have a large bucket of ice world water for me?

I’ve said during the campaign on electoral reform, it would be good to have a national conversation provided we know what the heck we’re replacing ‘first past the post’ with, that’s number one.

Actually Michael, no, just, no. “Figuring out what the heck we are replacing FPTP with” is exactly what the National Conversation™ needs to be about. But the Liberal approach to electoral reform seems to be that they need to get a handle first on which system is best and then get us to talk about switching to that.

You know what we need to have a National Conversation about? We need to discuss what kind of country we want, who’s voices should be heard and how important equality and fairness are to us.  We need to discuss what the options are for fixing our system and what each of them means. Then the people need to make some choices about what they want and tell you, the politicians, to implement them for us.  That’s how this democracy works you see. And that is what we’re going to do whether the Liberal party is there or not.

So, it sounds like I have my answer from the Ignatieff Liberals about my dream of electoral reform. But the radio also then played a clip from one the Liberal townhalls where Ignatieff was answering a passionate person who dreams of changing the system:

But you hold onto that dream, that is a very important dream that will make this country better.

Well, that actually helps a lot Michael, thank you.  That actually clarifies everything, not just about the Liberal party, but about this entire election. If you think about it, dreams are a beautiful way to wrap up the national campaign because it gives us a moment of clarity about the chocies before us all.

It’s all about dreams.

Harper: Your dreams are a reckless fantasy that will destroy the fabric of this country. Vote for us instead, so we can crush your dreams as they deserve to be crushed.

Iggy: Hold onto those dreams.  Vote for us and we’ll look into the viability of your dreams and get back to you.

Jack: We can do this! Follow your dreams! Make them a reality! Vote for us and we’ll help you achieve them, together.

That’s it isn’t it? Now it all makes sense. The campaign strategies, the tv ads, the poll numbers, the orange wave … it’s all clear when you view things through the lense of dreams.

So, thank you Michael Ignatieff for this moment of clarity.  I will be voting for someone from your party because I like your candidate in my riding (Quadra: Joyce Murray) and because the NDP can’t win here. But now I know what you’re party stands for: “taking all dreams under consideration and initiating a national conversation to validate the Liberal party’s position on said dream.”

Well, all I can say is…Go Jack Go.

Sing it with me…

…that her face, at first just ghostly…

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