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Canadian Election: Fringe Edition

May 1, 2011

Warning: This post will only make sense to you if you follow the recurring adventures of the characters discussed in it as they try to save our nation and the world as we know it from imminent destruction…it will also help if you watch Fringe.

I’m watching Fringe tonight and we all know Fringe is filmed in Vancouver but what if the characters were all voting in the Canadian Federal election on Monday? I thought about this and then I just couldn’t unthink about it. So I thought I’d share. I think the characters cover a pretty wide range of views and voting strategies.

Walter: Marijuana Party – obviously. He’s probably a founding member and major donor.

Broyles: He’s a party man, he always vote Liberal, “No question.”

Astrid: Green party – she likes their outlook, knows her vote may not actually elect anyone but she’s willing to let the world figure it out and go with the flow.

Peter: Vigorously non-partisan, leans libertarian. Switches between NDP/Liberal/Progressive Conservative based on conditions. Note to parties: DO NOT put him on your robocall list, it will not end well for you.

Nina: Legally restricted from voting for reasons that are above your pay grade.

William Bell: Natural Law party – come on, soul magnets? Who else would he vote for?

Walternate: Conservative Party – although he wishes Harper would stop dallying about get really tough on crime, lock up all those other scientists, they’re dangerous.

Fauxlivia: She used to vote Progressive Conservative, probably leaning conservative this time, although she’s starting to have her doubts. She’d really like that national daycare program right about now.

AstridX: Non-partisan, she performs a rigorous cost-benefit and statistical analysis of all the relevant socio-economic-environmental factors and computes the vote which allows her to maximally influence the outcome of her local riding election to increase the probability of a positive outcome for the largest number of citizens.

Olivia: She is an average voter, indecisive about Liberal or NDP, she liked Chretien, finds Ignatieff a bit cold and she really likes Jack. he’ll decide in the voting booth. She just wants to do what’s best.

As do we all.

So, turn on the machine on Monday May 2, go out and vote…and may God have mercy on our souls.


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