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Deja Vu Election All Over Again

April 2, 2011

Hey there, election season in Canada is here. Can you smell the ballot papers, the baby powder, the stench of hateful attack ads? Doesn’t make you feel alive… Well, unfortunately this election has come at a bad time for me so I won’t be posting much this election. I’ve got a thesis to write (in fact, if I do end up arguing with you on twitter or something and you want to stop me the best way is to say “Mark, shouldn’t you be working on your thesis?”).

But this election is very necessary and pivotal. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be very different than the last one we had 2.5 years ago.  I realized over the past week that every time I wanted to say something it turned out I had actually written about the same topic last election.

Just think about it what are the topics this election? Should the Green party be in the debate? Is a coalition a valid option? Who is this Liberal leader and can he really run the country? Does Stephen Harper have a secret agenda? Is vote swapping or strategic voting a valid strategy for overcoming our horrible voting system? Does Jack Layton really think he can be Prime Minister? I mean, hopefully we don’t get the same result as well, that would be embarrassing. Of course, there is the contempt thing which is new, but no one (the Conservatives or the media) are talking about that much so…I guess it isn’t that important….sigh.

So anyways, I’m not going to rewrite them. Reduce, reuse recycle right?  I’ve created a category for last elections posts and some tidbits I did scratch down so far this year. That should cover it for the election. Hopefully there will be a different result in the end so at least I will have to respond to that.

Oh, and one more standard I guess:  Will any leader of a major party have the courage to stand up and promise to fix our democratic system so we can get off this crazy hamster wheel? Sadly I don’t think any update to this question will be necessary.

So, happy election season Canada. It only comes every two years, so enjoy it.

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