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Canadian Federal Election 2008

Let the games begin!

If you know me, you know elections are my favourite sport. The great part is, its not a spectator sport, we all get to play! And the outcome is at least equally and perhaps more important than who wins the championship of any other sport. So here is a list of useful sites, interesting polls, and my own opinions on the, soon to begin, 2008 Canadian Federal Election.

The election has been called and the date is October 14.  So get yourself informed!  Check out the links on the right or my election tag in Delicious.  But first make sure you know who is running in your riding.

Official Polls and Prediction Sites

  • Here is a list of polls from the last two years all on one place, thanks CBC!  Now call me biased, but look at the Green party numbers, and then ask why the latest polls don’t bother listing them.
  • Check out the latest poll for Sept 4
  • The Election Prediction Project is a great site that uses user comments from each riding to guess the election riding by riding.  They use polls as well as the opinions of internet submitters living in those ridings.  They have a pretty good track record.  At least a good place to read a bunch of comments from political junkies living in your riding and see what they think.

What do the Internets say?

In case the pollster doesn’t call you and you still want to have a say  HubDub is a virtual money based news voting market I play with.  The are a number of questions about the Canadian Federal Election of 2008, there.

Which party will win the most seats in the 2008 Canadian Federal Election?

Party Specific

Conservative Party

Will Gerry Ritz be forced to resign due to comments made during the Listeria Outbreak?
How many seats will the Conservatives win combined in ridings in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal?


The New Democratic Party hopes to get a big boost this election.  They want to form government, really they do.  They are taking care to refer to the Liberals in only dismissive ways, implying they are no longer relevant, which is an understanable strategy for them.  Personally, I think a lot of NDP leaning people don’t like their no-holds-barred approach where they are willing to accept conservative majorities by weakening the Liberals.  And I think the Greens will have a bit of a surprise for them this time too.

Will the NDP match or beat the Liberals in a major national poll before election day?
How many seats will the NDP win the 2008 Canadian Federal Election?
In the 2008 Canadian Federal Election, how many seats will the NDP win in Quebec?

Green Party

Who will win the riding of Central Nova?
Will Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May be invited to the televised leaders debates?
How many seats will the Green Party of Canada win in the 2008 Federal Election?

Canada In the World

Here’s an interesting Question.  With the Taliban threatening Canadian troops specifically during this election, is it possible that bin Laden himself will get into the act?  Also interesting to ponder if Stephen Harper’s newfound committment to getting out of Afghanistan by 2011 was partly affected by these threats.  Clearly he should avoid the impression that they are because I believe most Canadians would disagree with that behaviour.

Will Osama bin Laden now also personally threaten Canada (by name) before October?
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