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Executed Prisoners Are Not Political Props

June 25, 2015

Huffington Post: The Conservative Party of Canada uses the execution videos of the people they want to protect as props to attack Liberal leader as unprepared for leadership.

Whether military action is warranted and productive is a case by case decision. That is a discussion to have and the Liberals and Conservative and NDP may be right or wrong on it. Most likely they’re all wrong. I don’t know if Canada’s contribution to air strikes is the best use of our resources or if the current strategy for fighting ISIS is the right one. But I know this, using video clips from the terrorists we are fighting, of prisoners which they were in the process of executing is beyond inappropriate.

I know this has been done this before by the Conservative Party, and probably others have too, but that doesn’t make it alright. You could use images from old wars, dying soldiers or bombings to whip up fear, that would be wrong too. But this is actually worse than using such images, because the prisoners they are showing died recently in the current conflict. Maybe they aren’t even dead yet. They could still be in prisoned or be being tortured. These are actually the people you are trying to save, them and people like them.

Yet it seemed reasonable to use an image of the worse moment, and likely the last moments, in the lives of these prisoners to score a minor point on one of your opponents?

This is the definition of fear mongering and it is insulting to the intelligence of Canadians. But above all, it is a supremely disrespectful use of the prisoners whom ISIS has killed, the very people we are arguing about how to protect and save.

The Conservative party must stop using these images in their attack ads and completely and fully apologize for their usage including firing everyone who thought it was a good idea.

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