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A mayor should …

November 28, 2012

A mayor should not be removed from office — a first for Toronto, if it happens — for a simple misjudgment, if it does not involve corruption. And if there is anything the sometimes bumbling Rob Ford is not, it’s corrupt. — PETER WORTHINGTON

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this of course, and it is perfectly reasonable to say this punishment may have been too severe. As I understand it the judge’s hands were tied with regard to the law. But Worthington is saying that the only valid reasons we might remove politicians from office are criminal activities and self-enriching corruption. What the law says and what the judge said is there is another reason which is just as important. Rob Ford did not make a simple error in judgement, he purposely and repeatedly misinterpreted the law and the rules of council. He takes pride in not knowing the rules, not going to training on the rules, coming up with his own version of the rules  and following those.

Ford put forward the notion in trial that his definition of a conflict of interest didn’t match the one everyone else in the room was using and thus relative to his own interpretation he did nothing wrong. But he’s been in council for 15 years. There is simply no excuse for not understanding what the rules mean and not even knowing what ‘in camera’ means. I think Ford was removed from his job because he doesn’t take it seriously, and he does this to the point of negligence.

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