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Health Care Dissent: Here’s What The Conservative Wing Wanted To Happen

June 28, 2012

I find the entire argument conservatives are making against healthcare here so bizarre.As if healthcare were one type of market just like any other, it isn’t.

First, we are talking about insurance, so it really does hurt others when you don’t join and try to use the service later anyways. Especially if some states have cheaper systems than others, so people will move around and ‘shop’ in different markets (quickly, as they bleed). If some of those states have mandated insurance they may end up losing more money to the free market states that don’t require it.

Second, if people can’t afford to participate in this ‘market’ then they die! It’s not like buying cars or even broccoli, it’s being treated like a human being when you need it most. Healthcare shouldn’t be a private industry…period. No other wealthy nation on Earth treats it this way because it’s heartless and inefficient. Companies running hospitals and insurance will try to extract as much profit out of your illness and death as possible, their stockholders requires it.

So, this whole discussion is really twisted around the wrong way. The court today found a way to interpret the bizarre framing of healthcare in America in a way that let them treat people like human beings. They did the right thing. But some day someone should do the really right thing and implement a single payer health care system in America. Not today, and in the meantime whatever improvement in people’s life you can get you should take. But someday.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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