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If you only read one article about the Budget fiasco, read this one

June 13, 2012

If you’ve been avoiding reading about what all the political nerds are getting so excited about here is a truly fantastic analysis of the situation.  If you only read one article about it, read this one. That is if you care what it means to have a fair, representative government.

Lawrence Martin : “The abuses pile up: the PM hunkers down”

Some of us thought the repercussions from any or all of these developments might have prompted him to change his ways. But we were delusional. His view , as he has made clear, is that it’s just process and the people don’t really care about process. In that, beginning with the Magna Carta, people fought hundreds of years for due democratic process, you might say some do care. But, given his electoral success to date, Mr. Harper has evidence to the contrary.

While opposition parties are unlikely to get their way in dismantling the omnibus legislation, they are right to fight hard as opposed to standing back and seeing the integrity of the system overrun in such a way.

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