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Harper reveals his true nature…he’s a bad message board troll.

April 26, 2012

This: Stephen Harper shouted down for saying NDP didn’t support fight against Hitler

wow. just…wow. It’s depressing actually. I mean, turning the debate away from the war in question as a distraction is bad enough. But Hitler? Really? This is beyond what I expected from Stephen Harper. And I have very low expectations of the Prime Minister.

The worst part of this, for Harper mind you (I can’t even fathom right now what this says about our country and how we’re getting through the next four years), but the fact is that the Prime Minister has now essentially revealed himself as one of those trolls that make the CBC message boards unusable. And not even clever on one. It’s petty, it’s pointless and it doesn’t do anything but make him look bad. Harper is smarter than this…I thought. I don’t get it.

Either he just lost all sense of judgement and will profoundly and publicly apologize tomorrow or he’s doing this on purpose just to see how red Mulcair will get and get it on tape for some commercials they’ll be running the next time they have a tricky bill to push through. Either way our democracy has hit a new low, and it was already sitting on the bedrock. I’m going to watch some Dr. Who to cheer me up.



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  1. Brian permalink
    April 26, 2012 7:28 pm

    “Either way our democracy has hit a new low”

    Again? (sigh)

  2. sassy permalink
    April 26, 2012 7:45 pm

    Fun with that on twitter!/search/realtime/%23HarperHistory

  3. annharvey permalink
    April 26, 2012 9:29 pm

    We aint seen low.. or a new low yet…
    This government is like a boiling, floating and sinking at the same time
    toxic bitumen oil spill at low tide
    with a heavy weather event rolling in… towards shore
    A vulnerable and defenseless shoreline of approx 100 to 200 miles
    within an archipelago of islands, rocks, reefs and tides .. and winds

    Canada is already scarred and polluted by comprehensive partisan ‘electoral grooming’
    plus the current electoral fraud .. live call – robo call .. all out of control

    What stupidity .. to allow this nonsensical election-engineering-steering
    to be the way ‘things are done up here in Canada’ .. just like the US of A

    And.. American ‘voting management and electoral grooming’ experts
    are up here in Canadian ridings to volunteer and help shape the results ..
    praise the Lord.. but keep your gunpowder dry …….

    Well .. now we’re all in the SHIT …
    This Canada is threatened and in deep n double ‘ethical oil’ jeopardy today
    Our international reputation heading rapidly towards ‘being in tatters’ or un-redeemable

    Darwin means nothing to these sly n clever folk.. (that’s how they see themselves)
    are they really brilliant evangelists.. ? .. however mystified by reality and science
    or are they pragmatic, eccentric and crass opportunists..
    ready to loot and smother ….
    the environment that sustains us…. and them ..


  4. annharvey permalink
    April 26, 2012 9:36 pm

    Hopefully you will just delete my comment ..
    I don’t understand .. yet… why the ‘layout’ is so messed up
    A comment with such flawed composition or ‘readability’
    should be deleted.. please .. as it is flawed (impaired visually !!)

    I’ll try to do better, next time

    timber ..

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