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Demanding Leadership on Democratic Reform

February 2, 2012

I’ve been offline and travelling for a while if you’ve been wondering about the radio silence (I know, unlikely). But I’m back now, living for the next two years in the self-declared “Greatest Democracy on Earth™”. We’ll see if they have any better luck than we are having up in Canada. With the way the Republican primary and limitless ad budgets are going this doesn’t seem likely. But I digress.

I was prompted to start writing again partly due to fascinating murmurs regarding Democratic Reform in Canada. At least in the battered and divided progressive left in Canada there has been more talk recently about the necessity of reform and how to go about making it happen. Last week during the NDP leadership debate, one candidate, Nathan Cullen came out with a promise to enact electoral reform through some kind of proportional representation. This is a fantastic development and I would encourage all those with the ability to vote, to strongly take this into consideration when making your choice. Making our voting system more representative of the true diversity of our country is the single greatest thing that can be done the improve Canada’s future.

You likely already know about LeadNow, an organization created last year to provide a rallying point for progressive minded people outtside parties in the same style as MoveOn down in the States. If you haven’t looked them up in a while then check them out, especially on Facebook ( LeadNow’s leader, Jamie Biggar, is right now having a great discussion with hundreds of people about whether people are willing to demand leaders take stance on democratic reform and cooperation with other parties.

Join in on the conversation.
More to come soon.

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