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The Chomsky/Norvig — Classical/Statistical AI Brouhaha

May 31, 2011

I’ve written an article on my other blog Computationally Thinking summarizing an ongoing fascinating discussion on the state of Artificial Intelligence research. It should be accessible to technical and non-technical but I’ll add more to it as the discussion heats up. For political nuts you might be surprised to learn that its a debate between Noam Chomsky (yes that Noam Chomsky) and the head of Google research Peter Norvig.

No, Google hasn’t declared an extrajudicial assassination a victory or undermined democracy in favour of the Military-Industrial complex. Chomsky is a very famous in linguistics and a founding father of some of the concepts of computer science and artificial intelligence. Peter Norvig on the other hand wrote the book on modern AI and Google is the epitome of modern AI research which treats intelligence as advanced pattern recognition and  statistical analysis of huge amounts of data under uncertainty. It seems that some people disagree that this is the way to building a full artificial intelligence. And the dust is still flying.

Read the full article on CompThink with updates on the ongoing discussion across …

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