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This month of May don’t just stand there with your arms folded tight

April 10, 2011

I just looked into these vote mobs that LeadNow is encouraging young people at campuses around the country to create.  I noticed Guelph and a few others already had some videos up. The UVic video is a lip-dubbing extravaganza.

This prompted me to suggest that UBC has got to do one of these. But really, students in every university and college in Canada could easily throw together a fun video of young people dancing, singing and committing to vote.

I mean, they could…they won’t, but they could.  If only they had some kind of incentive….

Anyways. As I was thinking about this a song came up on my ipod and blew me away.  Have you ever listened to the lyrics of Arcade Fire’s “Month of May”.  If you think about this election, which will be on May 2, while listening to the song it’s pretty much perfect.  Did Arcade Fire know we would have an election this May? Did they know that we’d have been going “around and around and around” since “2009, 2010” and that we’d want to  “cut the wires away” and “start again in the month of may”.  If only we could “shock (them) in the suburbs” and make a “record in the month of may”, a record young voter turnout.

Yah, so I’m just gonna go ahead and assume they knew all that when they wrote it. If only we could stop the “kids standing with their arms folded tight”, because we can’t lift up our democracy without them and really “how you gonna lift it with your arms folded tight?” Have you got shivers yet?

But you know kids, they won’t do anything unless it makes them famous on the internetz or gets them backstage to a big concert with say….Arcade Fire.

Um…. just wait a sec…

Wouldn’t. That. Be. Amazing?

The winning video could be selected by the most views on YouTube plus some added polling from the website wizards at (since I’m volunteering other people to do work).  Or you know, whichever one Arcade Fire thinks is the most awesome.

Roll final credits….

Let’s make a record this Month of May.

More young voters than ever before.

Do something they’ll never expect and

send a shock to the suburbs.

On May 2, Vote.

Update McGill: Great votemob video for McGill and I approve of their choice of music.  Be sure to read the signs, see what young people are really interested in. I predict votemobs are going to explode now that the Conservative party has literal grab for taking votes away from young people.  Hopefully they can remain non-partisan events in spite of this but like the man says, some things have a well known liberal (small L there) bias: reality and young people.


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