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Write your MP about the Electoral Reform Motion

March 7, 2011

This is an email I just sent my member of parliament. If you care about electoral reform you should too. You can find your MP here. Here is the debate that took place in the House on it last week.

Hello Joyce,

I get a lot of your fliers in the mail and I am a usual Liberal voter though I wouldn’t consider myself a partisan. But I hope you’ll takemy message seriously into account tomorrow.
Tomorrow the NDP motion regarding 1) electoral reform and 2) abolition of the senate will come up for a vote.I know you have been interested in issues of democracy for some time so I’m sure you’re considering this vote seriously.  I’d just like to you let you know that on balance I support this motion and I seriously hope you and your party will as well, with the following caveat.
I think the choice of the NDP to work point 2) as restricted to abolition is an unnecessary and distracting poison pill. It  is not clear at all what should be done about the Senate and though it clearly needs reform abolition in a referendum question is probably the worst and most ill advised way to go about it.  Canadians should have a national discussion about this issue.
I don’t know how these processes work but if it is possible to vote in favour of their motion and then modify (2) to be to discuss Senate reform in committee I would highly encourage that.
Because their point (1) is essential in order to save our democracy from the growing unfairness it is experiencing.  I know many Liberals have their own idea about what electoral reform means but escalating this discussion to a parliamentary committee that would take input from the public would be a fantastic step forward. Don’t let the NDP’s wording about the Senate stop you from making the right choice if there is any way to change it.
Thank you

Mark Crowley

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