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This is the worst attack on our democracy since…

February 17, 2011

The recent refusal of International Development minister to resign after lying to a parliamentary committee  seems an afront to the principles of democracy.  I find myself searching for another event so outrageous, and I find I don’t have to look back far. So, for posterity, and to be continually is the your list of democratic outrages. Please help me fill in the list if I’m missing something:

  • Tyranny of the Majority in Parliament(Mar 2011): MP Scott Armstrong uses the phrase “Tyranny of the Majority” to refer to the majority of MPs asking the minority government to account for its budget estimates. Some say the majority in parliament are final say in the land, some Conservatives seem to think it’s rather whoever is getting briefings from the Prime Minister’s Office instead.
  • Never-Ending-Appealathon (Feb 2011) : Immigration Minister Jason Kenny defends the government’s approach of continuosly appealing to the same Federal court to keep two Tamil refugees in prison even though every court has said the government’s suspicions of their terrorists connections are unfounded. A federal judge rebuked the government for using this loophole to essentially keep the refugees in prison forever without conviction.
  • Not-gate (Feb 2011): Minister Bev Oda modifies a funding documents after it has been signed by others and then lies about it for weeks and weeks and weeks. Then admits and says she’s done nothing wrong.
  • Oshawhat? (Jan 2011): The city council of Oshawa decides to appoint a new member for a full term after an unexpected resignation rather than having a by-election in order to save money.
  • Senate Renege (November 2010): The Senate, dominated by Conservatives committed to reforming the appointed chamber for being undemocratic, defeats a bill passed by a majority of elected MPs in the house because it can.
  • Censusgate : The government orders Statistics Canada to end the mandatory long form census, against their advising and an overwhelming chorus of scientists, business groups, charities and churches who say it will diminish the ability to run the country and is one of the most effective and respectful census’ in the world.
  • Proroguathon (December 2008): Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogues parliament in order to avoid defeat

I know I’m missing at least a few big ones, please remind me of what’s missing.

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  1. Christopher Batty permalink
    February 19, 2011 7:20 pm

    The second proroguing, to shut down discussion of torture allegations in Afghanistan?

    • February 21, 2011 5:21 pm

      there were two proroguations right? I was trying to find a story describing both and couldn’t work it out, do you know an article that describes the history?


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