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Who’s the Boss?

October 2, 2010

Congratulations to our new Governor General David Johnston. I hope you serve the office as well as Michaëlle Jean, I’m sure you will.

As our new GG undoubtedly knows, he now has some reserve powers for extraordinary circumstances.  It seems that when our previous GG had cause to exercise these powers on that long morning at Rideau Hall that the Conservatives may have considered some back up options ready if she didn’t make the ‘right’ choice.

One of these options was to ask the Queen to override the GG.  I would hope that everyone in parliament would realize how impossible this is. The Queen does not make decisions about Canada, end of story.

Someone on twitter asked if Harper going to ask the Queen to prorogue if Jean had refused would be like “a child going to their mom if their dad said no”.  Actually it would be worse.  It would be as if a child asked their parents if they could go on a school trip, their parents said no and then the child went to their teacher at school to try to go ‘over their heads’. It doesn’t make sense. The teacher seems to have authority but in reality they don’t.  That’s what we have.  The Queen appoints the GG on the advice of the PM. Then the GG is in charge with what little discretionary power they have.  Going to the sovereign of another nation to approve decisions on internal matters is so 1981. It would be offensive if this was even be considered.  So we need to find out how extensive these discussions were.

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