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Stockwell Gets Tough on Imaginary Crime

August 3, 2010

Oh Stockwell, you never let us down do you?  Whenever we doubt for a moment that the Conservative government makes all its decisions based on gut instinct, emotion and irrational fear you’re there to remind of the true Reform-Alliance-Conservative way of thinking, like protecting Canadians from the “alarming” amount of unreported crime.

You have to respect their astounding commitment to making uninformed, irrational decisions.  It must be so tempting to simply listen to the intelligent advisors around them, to the countless experienced public servants with decades of experience, to the media, to academic experts, to the Statistic Society of Canada and their international peers.  All these people are giving them advice but in order to accept it they’d have to sacrifice their principles.  No, the Conservative Party of Canada stands tall and defends the principle that science is simply a liberal tool for manipulating the public, that oil is good, crime is high, the country is under threat and that guns are faannnnntastic.  Oh, and don’t forget the newest addition to the Conservative pantheon of big ideas, Statistics are fundamentally bad; via the globe:

A Justice Department press secretary is contacting reporters telling them Mr. Day is “correct in his assertion that many crimes go unreported in Canada”, arguing, too, that the Liberals use statistics as an “EXCUSE not to get tough on criminals.”

So, to paraphrase.

Stats and analysis and scientific reasoning are ALL just excuses for not doing what your gut tells you is right.  The liberals and all those progressives want things like universal childcare, safe injection clinics, environmental regulation, transit infrastructure spending and don’t want to double the number of jails we have.  They justify all these proposals with the excuse that they conform to rigorous analysis and countless studies.  They argue for keeping the mandatory census based on evidence that people won’t fill it out voluntarily in the US.  They point out facts like the fact that western nations that don’t have a census anymore actually just unilaterally collect all the same data without asking permission by linking all government files, something no one is proposing doing in Canada.  All of these proposals just show you the problem with liberal/progressive thinking.  The ‘thinking’ part is the problem.  Liberals and progressives don’t  make decisions solely on their gut instincts, emotions and fear.  They trust science and statistics and logical thinking to help them make decisions.  Is that really the kind of country we want to live in?  Or do we want to live in a country where we all feel justified for following our gut and then complain about the consequences later?

Its up to you decide. This election, vote dumb.

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  1. August 5, 2010 10:58 pm

    So, the GSS victimization survey from 2004 claims that “88%
    of sexual assaults, 69% of household thefts, and 67% of personal
    property thefts were not reported to the police”. This is alarming and unfortunate.

    But, as a justification for building jails? The criminals who go to jail are the ones the police find out about. Unreported crime does not cause more prisoners. Ugh.

  2. August 5, 2010 11:08 pm

    Also, check out the Incarcerex ad:

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