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Democracy is a Canadian Tradition

July 3, 2010

Just a housecleaning post with a bunch of random stuff I’d like to get out there.

Canada is awesome and Vancouver’s not bad at all, at all.

This site went over 8000 reads today due to a post from last year entitled Canadian Traditions.  It shows the big human flag from Victoria’s Canada Day celbrations last year, was in the flag.  Its one of my regularly highest hitting posts when I don’t have anything new out.  If anyone has the photo from this year’s human flag I’d love to see it.

This year I went to the Canada Day celebration downtown in Vancouver at Canada Place. Somehow in the 6 years I’ve been here I’ve never made it down.  It was pretty great.  Lots of music, food and family stuff. The new convention centre was open for everyone to wander through, which was great, people were just hanging out, sitting on the floor with their kids in this massive hall with a stupendous view of the Burrard Inlet.  There was also a large contingent from the Armed Forces giving displays of Lavs and ships (boats?).  Inside Canada Place there was a big display from many emergency and military organizations.  The Army had the big draw though with all their rifles out for people to pick up and get a picture with.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were coming over and lining up to site in a truck or get in tent and learn more about all the important stuff the Forces do.  Somehow

I didn’t stay for the fireworks but I did see the Canada Day parade and I’m glad I did.

Canada Day…parade? you say?  What the hell is that?

Ya, I know, but really it was just the best community parade I’ve ever seen.  There were dance troupes, highschool bands, seniors groups, military bands, satirical anti-business floats, gay rights group, a swordfighting school!, Falun Gong, what else…, more dance troupes, some cheerleaders and national community organizations such as Aboriginal, Greek, Portuguese, Italian?, Brazilian.  And there were thousands and thousands of people out to see it.  Much more awesome than the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and I’m Irish so it hurts to say that.  Not sure if it was more awesome than the pride parade, guess I’ll find out sunday.  But it was open and fun and just Canadian.

Its the most fun Vancouver’s been since the olympics.

Switching tracks a bit from celebrating our nation to fixing some of its kinks.

We still don’t have democratic reform in Canada, or even any leaders seriously talking about, but one of the motherlands is going to have a referendum on reform next May, or are they? They seem to be debating the issue as some people don’t even want the mild reform that the AV+ system being proposed would bring.  If that’s the kind of news you are interested in hearing about here’s two useful links

  • Google News Section on Democratic Reform – I just found this feature in the newly updated Google news tools. You can create your own custom set of news searches.  This was always possible as alerts but now its integrated into News and you can share it with others.  I’ve added a bunch of different democratic reform keywords, not just PR and electoral reform ones.  If you think some topics are missing let me know and I can tweak it.
  • Democratic Reform in Canada Bloggers – This is a hand tailored feed run by a few of us Canadian bloggers who care deeply about all kinds of democratic reform.  There are news links too but its mostly for the blog posts.  If there are bloggers you know that talk about democratic reform that should be up there let me know.

That is all.

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