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More from Beyond the End-Of-The-Line

June 27, 2010
As if to justify my recent frustration with transit in this city today it took me much longer than usual to get home after a very nice time downtown.  Now, one reason is the Greek Fest on Broadway, but that’s fine. Buses are rerouting around the festival and move quickly.  The problem is getting a bus at Cambie and Broadway going west.  Who want’s to go west on a sunday in the summer? Lots of people.
The 99 took so long we took a 9 instead only to have two 99’s pass us a few minutes later. The 9 itself is a horrible hack of a route. Stopping short of getting people who live in dunbar, point grey or UBC home and dropping them all in limbo at Alma and Broadway.  The crowd hear regularly piles up to 30 or 40 people as 9 after 9 arrive and drop off people at the end of the line.  Since we knew we’d missed the hour’s quota of 99 express buses we knew we were essentially waiting for a 17 to eventually arrive.  Very frustrating.  Anyone who lives south or west of Alma and Broadway and tries to take transit home feels like an abandoned, forsaken soul.  A transit line that ran regularly to Alma and Broadway with some kind of transit hub there for those south and west of the ‘end of the line’ would be very beneficial to business out that side of town and to those of us who live there who don’t own BMWs.
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