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Predictable Opposition to UBC Transit Expansion

June 25, 2010

Well, this is very predictable, the Point Grey neighbourhood association is against expanding rapid transit to UBC if it disturbs paradise.  We all knew this was coming ever since the courts awarded and enormous $600,000 in damages to a business owner on Cambie who chose to relocate during the construction of the Canada Line.  Note, she didn’t even go out of business, this was compensation for lost business and costs of moving.  Now the perfect, local neighbourhood paradise that is Kitsilano wants to avoid too much noise and disturbance when Translink builds its next expansion to connect UBC to the rest of the city in a reasonable manner.

Read the comments of the article for some good rebuttals.  The fact is that a lot of UBC students can’t aford to live in Kits or Point Grey and commute from far away by skytrain and then by the 99 B-line all the way from commercial.  If that bus could be made into a fast rail line of somekind, be it skytrain, subway or streecar, it would be an enormous improvement to the lives of tens of thousands of commuters a day. Not to mention the decrease in traffic along busy broadway by getting rid of the large double length buses.

Another factor to consider is that UBC isn’t just for the kids anymore. Like it or not there is has been and will continue to be unprecedented growth market housing on and near campus. I live on campus, and I have a car, and I use it quite a bit because getting anywhere from campus takes so long by transit.  A fast link between campus and the Cambie and Commercial stations would reduce the need for all those people living on campus to use a car.  I think there should be another link as well connecting UBC to Richmond somehow as the current best route is Marine Drive which is narrow and slow at any reasonable time of day.

But this is a predictable discussion.  I just hope that for a change clear heads reign and Vancouver can move forward with an important improvement to its transit infrastructure without a protracted, never ending debate about costs and noise.  This city needs a lot more transit than it has right now and its a big hassle now only because no one got their act together and built it earlier.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build it.  It won’t get any easier in the future. Grow up Vancouver.

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  1. Alex Lougheed permalink
    June 25, 2010 7:08 pm

    Nail-hit-on-head. Here’s hoping BARSTA et. al. don’t get far.


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