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Future of Democracy Lies in Hands of Cleggy Weggy

May 7, 2010

So the old mother country has practiced democracy once again and wow, it was a doozy.  With a hung parliament and a very distorted result returned by their First-Past-The-Post voting system, the Conservatives and Liberal-Democrats are now in talks to see if they can form some kind of coalition.  Nick Clegg has said before that a prerequisite for such a deal with any party would be movement on electoral reform which would correct the imbalance revealed in this election (and help his party a lot in the future).  Of course, its unlikely the Tories will offer that since it institutionally would hurt them in future elections.  But will they attempt to woo Cleggy to abandon his principles in exchange for a few cabinet seats?

Hmm, can you imagine in the equivalent Canuck situation, that Jack Layton would turn down a deal and some ministries in exchange for not throwing a fuss?  I can, and it worries me.  The lure of proving yourself in cabinet is strong.  But Clegg and his party must keep in mind the future of their country and what is best in the long run. They can form a short term government with Labour to institute reform and then have another election sooner rather than later.  The results of that election will be beyond repute and the majority or coalition that comes out of will truly represent Britain.

But there is so much to read about it right now.  Go take a look at for the opinions of some of Canada’s blogging #demreform stars on the subject.

Update: Apparently a lot of people don’t want Clegg to give up either, over a thousand people out protesting to encourage Clegg to stick to his electoral reform promise.

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