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2010 vs 1972

March 1, 2010

All agree that yesterday’s gold medal hockey game was on par with the greatest hockey games of all time.  Viewer ratings of the big game bare this out.  About 80% of Canadians watched at least some of the game and it was the most watched hockey game of any kind in the US since the 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice’.  Interesting to note that the number of viewers in both countries was about the same which puts to rest any worry about ‘who’s game it is’.

But what really gets me going about this kind of talk is that someone always has to try to compare which game was really the best ever.  Here’s my comments verbatum to a post to this story on the CBC message boards:

dougie b said :
I’m forced to say it again, “Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever compare to the drama and excitement the ’72 Summit Series generated.” Indeed, yesterday’s Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal triumph was something very special, but in terms of how it caught the imagination of an entire nation, sorry, it’s not even close!

Right, dougie, well thats nice and all. And I hear it over and over again from people on tv. I’m happy that you experienced such a life changing event. You see, the thing is, there are people in this country who are under the age of 37.  There are even a larger number who are under the age of say 45.  All of these people either did not see “The Game in 72” or did not understand why it was a big deal because they were only 8 years old.

So.  I’d like you and everyone else over 45 to show us some respect and just stop trying to say if this game was better than ’72 or not.  Cause you know, half of us, can’t even take part in the argument, and frankly don’t care.  Yesterday’s game was the biggest, best, most monumental hockey game ever in our lifetime.


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