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Canada 2.0 – The Satirical Masses

February 9, 2010
I stand...with the Onion Ring!

Custom user images often show up when an internet protest picks up steam. Think "I'm with Coco.".

You gotta love Canada.  We are a humble people but we are also a deeply funny and self-effacing people. The latest political trend involves a deep fried ring of onion, a Prime Minister and the spicy dipping sauce of Facebook protest.

The aforementioned onion ring, a very tasty looking one I must say, recently became a star with its own FaceBook page entitled “Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Stephen Harper“.  In case you aren’t familiar, a FaceBook is webpage on FaceBook meant to represent a person, product, party or any kind of entity that might have ‘fans’.  Instead of joining a page, like you would with a FaceBook group, you become a fan of a page.  The page can still contain discussion forums, links to videos and of course has its own FaceBook wall.  A FaceBook page is almost like a new user in the FaceBook universe.  A user that can message its fans and serve as a meeting point as well as a badge for devotees.  This makes it perfect for the kind of passive protests and trends that wax and wane over the internet.

This kind of protest grabs a lot of interest and can quickly pick up supporters.  It makes a statement in a fun way. And it can be the base for real action.  The Canadians Against Progoguing Parliament protests last month showed that internet protests can get thousands of people out on the streets.  The Onion Ring page is now declaring that it has more supporters than the entire Conservative party received in individual donors last year. They are asking everyone who supports the Onion Ring to donate $10-$15 to their favourite political party in protests.

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