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Michael Ignatieff Talks at UBC – but will he Say anything?

January 15, 2010

UBC is being visited today by the Liberal party road tour, Michael Ignatieff will be talking about his and our dreams for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.  I’m planning on going, hopeful there is room for questions from the audience. If so I’m going to ask him this:

Will your party commit to working with other opposition parties to address the democratic deficit in Canada? Fair Vote Canada recently sent a letter to your party and the others suggesting some ways to improve democratic representation in Canada.  This is more important now than ever when we have to endure a Conservative minority government that was rejected by 60% of the population and who are willing to reckless abuse the constitutional powers of government to shut down debate and investigations.

So, Mr. Ignatieff, will you commit to working with the other opposition parties to ensure that Canada gets the representation that they actually vote for in Ottawa?

Thank you.

I’ll let you know what he says later…

Update : A Full summary of the event can be found here.

Update II: So as for my question, I didn’t get to even get in the room there were so many people.  I did hand my question to one the organizers to ask on behalf of the “people outside the room” in the lobby.  But I don’t think it got asked because there were a lot of questions and there was a little environmentalist protest in the middle of his speech. Which I get, I just think there’s a  lot going on right now and it would be better to constructively discuss solutions than disrupt discussion. Especially when its someone who can’t actually do anything right now.  The Liberals are very very guilty of not putting the environment first in the past, but you really can’t fault Ignatieff for that, since as his opponents so frequently point out, he wasn’t even here for that.

I did like his speaking style, except that he says “Interesting” about 10 times too much, which might make some people think he’s a bit of an academic, ahem.  But he defended himself well and stood his ground on awkward questions.  He also was able to make a joke or two. So he comes across well in these town hall style things, a bit stiff, but considering his competition that’s ok. He should do more of these. I’m dissapointed that there wasn’t more discussion about democracy and prorogation in the questions.  He mentioned it right off the bat and said the most important thing to restore was public trust and involvement in democracy. So that’s great.  But of course, he’s also very good at saying nice sounding things without being specific. And being Liberals we can’t expect them to make lots of exciting, progressive changes unless we absolutely force them to.

So, lets force them to.

My rating – Ignatieff:

Not as dull as you’d think, mike make a decent Prime Minister someday. Next!

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