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Not Everyone Thinks Like You

December 18, 2009

Posted from a comment via HuffPost
What I find really interesting is how this is further evidence that people always assume that others would do exactly as they themselves would do. Republicans think the Democrats would stop at nothing to stop something from the other party. Well, we know thats not true, they think too much and allowed all kinds of Republican crap through during the Bush years. Maybe they just aren’t as relentless as the Republicans or maybe, just maybe, they are more likely to judge a bill on its merits and discuss it.
They play games too, but they are much less inclined to play games *on principle* just to see the other guy lose.

I implore the House to do whatever it needs to to kill the sentiment of this Senate bill and pass a merged bill that includes a public option or at least a wide expansion of medicare. The Republicans have forfeited their place in the discussion by refusing to take part in it. Just ignore them. Don’t worry, you’ll be reward in 2010, just do it! No one ever complains about being given free healthcare. The Conservatives here in Canada are almost as bad the Bush people but they wouldn’t dare say a word against it. Its the third rail that no one wants to touch. All you have to do is add it and then no one will be able to take it away. And that’s a good thing.
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