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The Natural Governing, Triangulation and Safety Party

October 14, 2009

Just like the majority of Canadians, I consider my political views to be centre to centre-left on the ‘political spectrum’.  That’s why I was excited that the Liberals decisively picked a decisive leader after Stephane Dion imploded last fall. That’s why I was glad a few weeks ago when that same leader finally stood up and started acting like an opposition party, opposing a government that a majority of Canadians did not vote for.  That is why this week I am slightly depressed that the promise the Liberals had over the last, has be squandered again and again. There’s a good article up on rabble about the Liberal and their current slide to catch you up to speed on this week’s disappointments if you’ve missed it.

They are saying just what I and others have been saying for a while, that Mr. Ignatieff and his Natural Governing Party(TM) needs to grow a spine and stand for something.  They need to stand for the 60% of Canadians who opposed the Conservative party in the last election.  This is the job of all opposition parties but the leader of the opposition should well, you know, lead that opposition. Flowery words and fancy speeches are nice but frankly Mr. Ignatief’s speeches aren’t even all that flowerly and inspiring, just long winded.  People criticized President Barack Obama this week for accepting the Nobel Peace prize even though he’s provided more inspiring speeches about peace than actual peace itself.  But  if Mr. Ignatieff were that inspiring he might be forgiven.  He’s not.  So he needs to reach an even higher standard of action than Mr. Obama.

The Liberal party seems to have convinced itself in the past decade or two that it does not stand for any particular causes per se but rather for a state of mind.  To be Liberal is to eternally sit on a fence talking about balance and holding Canada together and bla bla “>bla bla.  What do you stand for Mr. Ignatieff?  Do you want to militarize the North?   Are you angry we don’t have national childcare yet? Are you disgusted by our lack of progress on global warming? Do you dream of a future Canada with high speed rails linking our major metropolises, of being a voice for peace, of leading green technology or bioscience or robotics or nanotechnology?  Do you want Canadians to believe in their democracy again, to make sure every vote cast in Canada counts the same whether its in Nunavut or Charlottetown or Toronto or Prince Rupert?

Do you believe in anything? We know you do, you’d been a writer and academic for three decades.  You must have an opinion on everything?

So tell us.  And stand for it.  Or die trying.  That’s the only message people will respect at this point.

If you read this blog you know what issue I think the Liberals should focus on, if you agree electoral reform should be one of these issues sign this twitter petition to demand Ignatieff declare his party will fix our democracy by committing to to real electoral reform : pass the link on

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