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Wear a twibbon for #fairvote this #elxn41

September 14, 2009

Whether or not election season really is upon us you may have noticed (if you twitter and you follow #elxn41) that politically active Canadians are starting to sport a little logo in the corner of their twitter avatars.  At first I thought it was just the liberal party, but then I saw others. Then just today, while browsing the fantabulous all-Canadian twitter site politwitter, and then I saw a link to twibbons for these parties.  I thought I was up on all the tw**** words out there, but I seemed to have missed twibbons.  They’re pretty nifty. Yes, I said nifty.

Basically a twibbon is a mini icon that gets overlaid onto your twitter avatar (that user picture you uploaded of yourself).  Its super easy to use, they overlay the icon on top of your twitter avatar automatically once you log in.  I wish we’d had this during the BC-STV campaign, that would have saved me literally hours of manually adding it for people and debugging my clunky little javascript. Although it was fun. Twibbon lets you track who’s signed up and gives your campaign, or club or party a unified look. So the people over at politwitter have created twibbons for all the major parties, you find here.

I felt there was an important one that was missing, not for a party, but for a cause related to the election. Canadians of any political stripe could, and should, feel that our democracy has some major flaws that need fixing, primarily in the way that votes are counted and seats allotted.  So I’ve created a twibbon to Fix Canada’s Voting System you can add to your twitter avatar to indicate your support for electoral reform.  I chose FairVote because FairVote Canada is the major national group supporting reform and #fairvote is the closest thing to a universal tag for this topic on twitter. I put the icon in the top left corner so you can actually combine it with your party affiliation if you need to.  And its in black text so it doesn’t favour any party colour scheme. My avatar looks like this:


Sign onto twibbon now and get your fairvote twibbon. Show that you support rising above partisanship and want to bring fairness and true representation to our elections.

Update: a current globe online poll shows most canadians agree our system is broken, gee, I wonder how we could fix it?

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