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A glimmer of Tory honesty – now they want a majority

August 20, 2009

For five years now Canadians have been getting on and off the election merry-go-round more often than usual due to a bout of indecision in the centre left majority of the country.  Stephen Harper’s Conservative party has benefited from this indecision to be elected twice in a row with minority status.  As the election winds are beginning to blow again the Conservatives have been sending out a few messages

  • Stephen Harper is great, just look at all the money he’s giving to the military for defending the North (and pay no attention to the money he’s taking away from many social services or the Canadians abroad seeking help in despotic regimes that he is ignoring}
  • Stephen Harper doesn’t believe in wasting your money so he wants to take away funding for nasty, dirty political parties (and pay no attention to the fact that this solely benefits his party and hurts the parties with the poorest supporters, also ignore the unprecedented amounts of money he is throwing around to perk up the economy, launching us once again into huge deficits, just like previous ‘conservative’ governments)

Now they have a new message

The problem with this is it shows their continued contempt for Canadian democracy. They don’t want an election and yet they are focusing all their activities on preparing for one, with the express intent of weakening the power of the other parties and gaining a majority.  Expect to hear all the same gibberish about a Liberal minority ‘propped up’ by the crazed NDP and treasonous Bloc.  They don’t have any respect for the subtle opinions being expressed by the divided Canadian electorate.  If we give you a minority that means something, trying to change the rules of the game and demonize the third and fourth choices isn’t constructive, its disrespectful of the range of opinion in Canada.  If you can’t convince 40% of the people to vote for you (all that’s actually needed with our horrible first-past-the-post voting system) then you don’t get total control .

Personally I am always weary of those who seek power too strenously, as Arthur C. Clarke pointed out, wanting to gain power should almost be a disqualification for gaining power.

The problem, as ever, is the opposition.  The Liberals are less than inspiring these days even if they are not cringingly embarrassing as they were a year ago.  But the NDP are as negative as ever about the Liberals and both parties have squandered an opportunity to discuss the legitimacy of a true coalition approach where the Liberals and NDP campaign on working together if need be.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I feel that the same old record is being played again and that most Canadians are not ready for a Conservative party that wants majority rule.  And if Canadians still aren’t ready to give any of them a majority it doesn’t mean our system is broken. It means the bickering children in Ottawa need to learn to accept the mandate given to them and actually work together for what the majority of Canadians want.

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