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Schreiber is gone, let’s celebrate with silence

August 5, 2009

Happy news everyone, Karl Heinz Schreiber finally….finally got deported to Germany to face his corruption and tax evasion charges there.  I know the media here in Canada loves nothing more than parliamentary intrigue and this man pushing envelopes full of cash across a table to a former Prime Minister is juicy in that sense.

But can I ask you all, all of the media, a really, really big favour?

Just let him go.

Let him go, let the Germans deal with him, let him fade and stop your endless spewing of hot air about it.  We don’t care, the Canadian public that is, we just don’t.  Its bad, perhaps something illegal even happened, but its gone on so very long.  At some point you just need to take a breath and let the horse die.  I know Schreiber is the story that never stops giving but be gracious for once and just let him go.

Most of the coverage of this story has been about legal procedures, maneuvers and manipulations of our legal system to keep this slimy man here safe from German authorities.  In a recent interview I heard on CBC Radio the Canadian journalist advised the his German counterpart whom he was interviewing to clear his schedule for a few years because Schreiber will provide so many legal story tidbits.  He was practically foaming at the mouth at the thought of all the stories he would be missing.

I’m sure they’ll find something else to feast on soon.  Hopefully its something with a bit more…meat.

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