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Mayors, Columbine Father Go After GOP Gun Amendment

July 22, 2009
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In response to a Comment on HuffPost about how “the Founding Fathers wanted us to have guns”, with quotes to prove it!

Seriously…who cares what the founding fathers wanted, really. The founding fathers lived in a world without internet, electricity or penicillin. There are so many things different about the world now that it would totally blow their minds. The only things that you can take from those times are the true universals of how people should deal with other people, how laws are important, how order, is important. They lived in a world where mobs chopped off kings heads and the king’s son came back later to take control back from the mob. They wanted to empower the people so that the ‘king’ could never do that again. After centuries of peaceful transfer of democratic power I think you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The only use for guns now is to shoot animals and protect yourself. But we have police to protect you and maybe we’ve killed enough animals already, don’t you think?

I simply don’t understand why the opinions of a bunch of white men 300 years ago really matters on this issue. You don’t listen to their opinions on slavery anymore. America is the only first world nation with this strange obsession. Most people in other nations realize from experience that their leaders in previous centuries had some crazy ideas, and they rightly ignore them when it is inconvenient.
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Update: For once reason seems to have won out and this crazy, crazy gun amendment has been defeated.  I wouldn’t say it give me hope exactly, since the vote was still 58-39! But at least its a step in the right direction for once, or more precisely, they chose not to step anywhere rather than take a step in a wrong direction.  I’m not american, but can some american out there please tell me they can see way to someday really change US gun laws?  Is it hopeless to think they could ever completely get rid of concealed weapon carrying laws? Why????

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