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From Tehran to Toronto — Everyone Wants Their Vote To Count

June 15, 2009

The people of Iran around the world are upset and all who are lover’s of democracy should be upset as well. A few days ago the people of Iran voted for a president. But it appears that their votes were not counted fairly keep President Ahmadinejad in power.

I have come to know many Iranians in the past 10 years and they are beautiful people, wise, educated and vigilant in their defense of freedom.  This may be a selection effect of those Iranians who have traveled abroad to study or work, those who live in Iran under the Ayatollah must feel much more opression force to hold back their true feelings.  But it seems that force will not be strong enough to hold back the yearning of the Iranian people for their voices to be heard.  I would not want to be the leader who stands before these people denying them their voice.  Iranians are a varied and dynamic group of people but they are not ones to back down when pushed, the one thing they have in abundance is resolve.  And it is generally resolve for fairness and peace.

Watch this great video by Jian Ghomeshi at the huge rally today in Nathan Philip’s Square.

Read how the socialmediaverse is critiquing and going over the heads of mainstream media.

And if you want to really find out what’s going on right now in Iran, read it on twitter at #iranelection.

Today, set your twitter and facebook profile images to a green filter to support the green movement of the opposition in Iran.

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