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Response to Liberal Convention Happiness

May 6, 2009

This is an email response I recently sent to a Liberal email I got about their joy after the recent Liberal leadership convention in Vancouver.

Dear Liberal Party,

Given that there is an election ongoing in BC it is hard to pay attention to federal politics right now.  I am glad Michael Ignatieff is doing so well and I hope the party does well in the next election.  But increasing party membership participation does not seem like the solution to the problems Canada has.  BC is possibly about to approve the most dramatic change to Canadian democracy since women got the vote, switching to a fair, proportional voting system. This system increases voter power at the expense of party control and will lead to greater cooperation in parliament.

Frankly, if it passes in BC then my number one priority long term for the Liberal party will be encouraging them to begin a discussion on electoral reform.  It has to come, eventually.  Its not clear what the best system for federal elections would be, but one British Columbians get a taste of true voter choice other provinces will want it and then voters will demand it in Ottawa.  The closest Canada has ever been to this before was when Prime Minister Tredeau offerred the NDP electoral reform in the 70s.

The Liberal party has recognized their leadership election process needed reform and I applaud that. After May 12 when BC approves BC-STV as their voting system I hope the Liberal party has the vision and bravery to step forward and say that they will begin a national discussion on electoral reform.  As a young voter, looking ahead to decades of strategic and split voting under First Past the Post, a party with that kind of vision is one I would be excited to be involved in and vote for.

Mark Crowley
On May 12 … Vote for Better Democracy, Vote for  BC-STV

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