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Wow, Harper has a knack for it

March 3, 2009

Just when you think Harper’s got it all back under control he lets loose with this fascinating knugget:

Quite frankly, we are not going to ever defeat the insurgency … My reading of Afghanistan history [is] it’s probably had an insurgency forever of some kind.

Read all about it.

Wow.  Even independent of the hypocrosy of this when compared to his previous statements and bluster to others who want to pull out of an unwinnable war there is the cognitive dissonance of the newly updated view itself.  Many people would jot down “never invade Afghanistan” as maybe the second or third universal rule of warfare.  That Harper is just coming to see the truth of this is one thing, but to explain it by saying there has ‘always’ been  an insurgency there is just strange.

What does he think ‘insurgency’ means?  Was there an insurgency when they were ruled by their king years ago, when they were part of the various empires of the past? You can’t be an insurgent against yourself.  He’s basically saying Aghans have always had anarchy.  But really all history proves is that they are willing to fight foreign invaders, no matter who they are or what they’re purposes.  So lets help them run their own country, the way they want and give it back to them as soon as is expedient.  The rub is of course  ‘the way they want’ their country to be needs to represent the will of the majority and the interests of the whole Afghan society, not just the whims of a few powerful warlords or the Taliban.

I don’t know what the solution is either, but you know, thats ok. I’m not running  country with armed forces in Afghanistan.  Harper is, and even he doesn’t have to pretend he knows what the solution is, no one really knows that.

But it would be nice if he looked like he knew what the problem was.

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