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Embrace What You Have In Common With Rick Warren

December 18, 2008

Amen Brother!
Let the reasonableness ring in the streets! Extremism and deep, unwavering ideology is a destabilizing force, regardless which side it comes from. I hold many strong ideological beliefs, but sometimes you need to let go and accept you are not everyone and you can’t make everyone agree with you, even if you know they should. Its hard, it takes an adult, it takes a real leader. Thank God you finally have one in Obama. Up in Canada, we’ve had a similar moment recently, with a near collapse of our government due to ideological battles in both sides. I strongly supported one of those sides, got out and protested for the coalition and everything. But at some point I had to step back and say, you know, people are afraid of this and the other side has won for now. The new Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff, is very Barack-like in his magnamity (though not nearly as good a speaker). So for a change there are a few adults in charge.
Long live reasonableness!
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