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Will the coalition survive? Maybe, but Dion shouldn’t.

December 6, 2008

Former Liberal deputy Prime Minister John Manley has a thoughtful article in the globe and mail that all should read.   I do not agree with all of what Mr. Manley says, but I do agree with his main point. Dion must go, now if possible.  I believe the coalition could have worked and Canadians should not be so afraid of coalitions in general.  This particular one was not ideal but seemed to me (and still does) preferable to rule by a Conservative party with a Prime Minister who has no respect for the will of the Canadian people or our parliamentary system.  He denegrates the very idea of someone else forming government even if they have a majority of seats, this is unnacceptable.  However, if the Liberals are thinking twice about the coalition, then Dion should be dropped immediately.  We do not have time to wait until May for a protracted leadership process. A leader in place before christmas indeed, could be prepared to wage an election next spring against an unsupportable Conservative government.  Unless Harper resigns and they reform their ways.  Then we can talk.

Poll: Coalitions in parliament: undemocratically grabbing power or a normal part of parliamentary democracy?” Answer the poll here.

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