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This must not stand.

December 5, 2008

The response of the media and pollsters to the current parliamentary crisis in Canda is very frustrating.  This pollster says the following:

In fact, the Liberals and NDP (supported by the Bloc) held the high ground at that point because the economic statement was not aligned with public opinion.  However, when the Liberals-NDP made their deal with the Bloc and the Conservatives branded the idea as a deal with the devil, it is clear that the Tories grabbed the high ground.

This is stunning, frankly. To say that comparing Quebeckers to the Devil gave the Conservatives the high ground is almost offensive. It may work as a marketing tactic, but can’t everyone see what a horrible, divisive approach this is? Harper will say he only means separatists but the fact is that not everyone who votes for the Bloc, by a long shot, wants to separate from Canada. They want more sovereignty, they want to look out for Quebec’s interests, but this approach is pretty offensive.

As is the idea that the Prime Minister now has the Presidential-like power to simply dissolve parliament, without an election, or the opportunity for the opposition to contest it, for any reason at all. If he can prorogue parliament to avoid a certain defeat of confidence then he can disolve it for anything.

For all the talk of Canadians not supporting the coalition and it hurting liberal brand I think people need to look at the bigger picture here. Given what the Conservatives tried to do in the economic statement its clear we cannot trust their intentions. They don’t want to stimulate the economy. Doing nothing for two months is exactly what they want to do. Let the market deal with it. And now this Prime Minister has tremendously increased his political and constitutional power. He has essential rolled the office of Governor General into the PMO as nothing but a puppet. Its a travesty for Parliamentary democracy and it must not stand.

If Canadians do not support that, I think it is because no one is explaining the importance of it to them. That is the media’s role and I believe they are failing miserably at it right now.

Am I in the minority here?  I don’t think so, at least, I’m not alone.  All across the country last night there were rallies of thousands of people.  In Vancouver at Canada place there was a packed room with over a thousand people.  And they are not happy with this result. They want to see a coalition in parliament that makes government work in a bipartisan, cooperative way.  So don’t give up the fight.

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