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Maybe its not over yet…

November 28, 2008

Well I haven’t posted here in a while, I’ve been busy over at my other blog FairVoteUBC trying to get the word out about the referendum on proportional representation in May in BC.  But this little tidbit has pulled me back out.  Looks like the Liberals at least want to look like an opposition party now by voting against the government.  And it looks like the Conservatives may have overestimated how much the other parties would let things slide in order to avoid an election.  The Conservatives are tabling their mini-budget on monday and it has no economic incentives, cuts a whole bunch of programs and proposes to remove federal per-vote funding from political parties.  They seem to have backed off making the latter proposal a confidence issue, but that doens’t mean they won’t try to pass it later.  Removing the few dollars that every party gets for each federal vote would be a democratic travesity.  The Conservatives don’t need the money and the Liberals shouldn’t if they were more competent running their finances.  But I bet the NDP need it and I know the Greens and every other party out there really needs it.  Its a very uneven measure to take and its a drop in the bucket anyways.  The total prorgam amounts to about $30 million, I think there were some tv commercials in the US presidential election that cost more than that.

So the opposition parties are talking coalition.  I know, it probably won’t happen, but if it does all I have to say is… I called it!

Such a coalition is tricky in light of the Liberal’s poor showing in the election for two very big reasons

  • The liberals + the NDP don’t have anywhere near enough seats to form government.  They would need a formal alliance with the Bloc or at least an agreement in principle that the Bloc would not defeat reasonable efforts.  To gaurantee this you might have to give them a ministry, can anyone stomach that?  The problem of divying up ministries and responsiblities between the NDP and Liberals is no simple matter either.  Not the least of which is …
  • The Prime Minsiter.  Like, who would that even be? Stephane? Or do we wait until the Liberals have their leadership convention and party hacks get to pick between Bob and Iggy for Prime Minister?  That doesn’t seem very democratic.  We can’t make Jack prime minsiter right?  We can’t right? Because that would worry me. Maybe Olivia would do it. 🙂

I love the idea of a coalition but I really don’t see how these two problems get solved.  The other alternative is another election, which I know no one wants, or can afford.

Hmmm, stayed tuned monday.

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