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Coalition Chatter Increasing

October 8, 2008

Fantastic must read article over at the globe about a coalition between opposition parties.

I think people are starting to get the idea that it is possible. I don’t understand all the anger on the boards over it. What is treasonous or stupid about wanting a government that represents the majority of voters. Do you really care about the stricts lines around a party or do you care about a parliament full of people working together in the interests of all canadians. I think Layton and Dion need to really think about this and give voters cover to vote strategically to maximize the NDP + Liberal vote. I do have one concern, vented by some people on the globe board, and that’s western angst. I’m from Toronto but I live in BC now and its a real feeling of disenfranchisement. If a coalition is formed it would undoubtedly make many BCers and most Albertans furious about their victory being taken away. I don’t know how to avoid that feeling, I hope there is a way. Because parliament is meant to represent the majority and it is made up of MPs, elected in ridings, not parties. Parties are an addition that is not really essential to the system. So deals between parties to vote together and make compromises that represent the majority is not stealing away people’s votes, its trying to be more representative.

Keep talking about it! This is a difficult but important discussion.

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