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NDP + Liberal > Conservative

October 6, 2008

Everyone is talking about what the NDP/Liberal fighting means

  • do the NDP really think they can form government?
  • are they looking for a coalition with the Liberals?
  • will the Liberals fall behind the NDP?

More evidence today that NDP+Liberal>Conservative is a possibility in this election.  The latest poll shows that the Conservatives are starting to grate on people. The interesting thing is that the Liberals don’t seem to be soaking it up, rather the NDP and Greens keep rising. Its almost like Canadians are saying they want a real democracy with more than two choices, imagine that.  I may worry about election results, but I always say I trust the Canadian electorate to send just the right message.  Minority government Conservatives, to teach the Liberals a lesson but not give away the house.  Quebec referendums sliding in under 1%.  There are lots of examples.  This election is turning out to be another.  If the combined left seats are significantly larger than the Conservatives then we may see something we have almost never seen in Canada, a true coalition government.

Elizabeth May today:

She said there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this election and also repeated her suggestion the opposition parties in a minority parliament could ask the Governor General to let them form a coalition government.

Well, somebody look up the details on that and get your constitutional crisis hats on!  You know the conservatives will cry foul if this happens.  They’ll try to shame us with an irrational argument that our sacred voting system rewards votes fairly and the greatest number of votes should win. Even if a larger number of voters can agree to work together.  Its not about coalitions, its not about working together, its not about parliament filled with individual members working in the interests of Canadians.  No, they’ll have to say its all about parties.  You had a competition between five parties, our party won, end of story.  You’ll hear a lot that ‘end of story‘ and ‘common sense‘.

The only sensible thing is for the largest number of voters opionions to be heard as possible.  And if Jack and Stephane (and Elizabeth? come on Central Nova!) can agree to work together then maybe their supporters can forgive them for not “sticking to their principles” and accepting a minority government of a party that 60% of the country does not support.  Democracy isn’t about sticking to your principles about the mechanism of voting, or the way seats are selected, or who forms government.  The principles we should be sticking to are representation and ideas.  The NDP and Liberals agree on most issues, they have differences of opinion on how to implement them, but their goals are similar.  Its only reasonable they work together.


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