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Copying a page out of the textbook

October 1, 2008

So one of Harper’s best speeches in parliament, in favour of joining our friends in the Iraq war, was an almost exact copy of another speech made by former Australian Prime Minsiter John Howard.  So maybe this will put a small dent in his armour of sincerity.  Frankly I don’t see him as very sincere, but many people do, and he controls his image well, which is half the game in politics.  Unfortunately Mr. Dion doesn’t semm to understand that.  He was handed up  a nice, juicy “Scandale” by his lieutenant Bob Rae, and what did he choose to say?

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion also condemned the copied speech, saying Mr. Harper should be “expelled” from his party.

Cause…you see, its like cheating…in school, hehe, … I should know, I was a professor….funny right?

Cute, but unfortunately that basicaly requires the CBC and others to lead into this quote by pointing out that Mr. Dion has a PhD and was a university proffesor, a teacher. Which is what they are doing. Now he sounds like a principal trying to expel a bad student.  Problem is, no one likes their principals.  People don’t want their leaders to be teachers, they want them to be leaders.  Harper has a PhD too, but you almost never hear that come up, because he doesn’t emphasize it.

Meanwhile Mr. Rae was applying the basics of the politics 101 textbook by pulling up this little nugget of inconsistency and throwing it out there in dramatic style with dueling video replays of the two side by side.  I wonder if he got the idea from the Daily Show.  Political theatre.  That’s actually what the Liberals need a bit of because right now they are just being ignored. And if people can’t hear you over the shouting of the other guys, or fall asleep before you get to talk, it doesn’t matter even if you have a better plan, because they won’t hear you.

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