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Oh the Urbanity!

September 7, 2008

Here’s an interesting angle on the federal election: how will the Conservatives do in the cities this time?
They could hardly do worse than last time.  Last Federal election the Conservatives garnered a grand total of zero MPs from the combined ridings of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.


Given how many Canadians live in these cities argues a bit against their national appeal.  Can they be more than the party of the countryside and suburbs?  They’re going to try.  Not that it stopped them last time. In Vancouver they convinced a Liberal MP to cross the aisle before there was an aisle to cross and in Montreal they appointed a senator to a cabinet post.  The irony in that for the party always complaining about the travesty of an unelected Senate is palpable.  And in Toronto … I can’t recall what they did. Maybe they didn’t bother to even pretend they cared about TO.

Well, I don’t see alot of signs of them doing better this time.

What do you think?

How many seats will the Conservatives win combined in ridings in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal?
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